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30 Rock character profile: Liz Lemon LemonLiz is designed by Tina Fey played on the NBC hit series 30 Rock. The premiere episode debuted October 11, 2006, and Tina Fey took us into the lives of the quirky and crazy, Liz Lemon when she works as the head writer of the fictional TV series TGS with Tracy Jordan. cheap jordan shoes The character's full name is Elizabeth Miervaldis Liz Lemon. There is no doubt that the character Liz Lemon is based on Tina Fey real life experiences, and that many of her personal qualities have been written into the role (see video interview with Tina Fey before 30 Rock premiered in the video player at left). In addition, Tina Fey's real name is Elizabeth Stamatina Tina Fey, making both Tina and character Liz